Coda Companion— Uniting concert films with the untold stories behind the music through a first-of-its-kind second screen experience

Our mission at The Coda Collection is to deepen the connection between artist and fan by delivering immersive music storytelling through compelling video, insightful editorial media and meticulously curated content. Together our Prime Video Channel, editorial focused website and cross-platform mobile products create a unique experience bringing to life the most meaningful moments in music elevated by some of the best music writers in the world.

Coda Companion is the next step towards achieving our mission by uniting the content on our channel with the untold stories that enrich those films through a first-of-its-kind second screen experience. The Coda Companion is filled with a trove of engaging must-know artist facts, band history, lyrical notes, trivia and exclusive merch opportunities delivered seamlessly in real time to your phone via the app which syncs to your stream on The Coda Collection channel.

We believe that every great concert is a collection of stories and that many of those stories unfortunately go untold. Recognizing that a growing portion of viewers use their phones while watching content on our channel, we sought to engage that audience and provide them with a compelling way to delve deeper into the performance they are watching, saving them from having to go on a digital scavenger hunt between Google, Wikipedia, Reddit and other sources.

Coda Companion syncs to your stream by using audio signatures serving as digital imprints of the entire film’s audio track. The signatures contain information that allows the app to recognize any part of a supported film and are leveraged in conjunction with Apple’s Shazamkit SDK to sync users to their current position. Once synced, Companion delivers a series of content cards which reveal further insight into the film as you watch.

We debuted Coda Companion alongside the release of the much-anticipated first part of Metallica’s 40th Anniversary Live concert films on our channel. For these concerts our writers sourced facts that even devout fans of the band might not know from two longtime members of the band’s crew Creative Director and Scenic Designer Dan Braun, and Backline Manager Zach Harmon.

Branding and icon system developed for use in the app.

With help from Metallica who provided dedicated Companion social posts in the first week we had 4.2K U.S. streams and 15.7K International streams, 1.8K app downloads, 12% of U.S. streams used Coda Companion (2% of international) and the average session time was 20 minutes (40 minute average film view time). 

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