Cooper Perkins — Engaging visitors and creating a sense of discovery through a cohesive, brand appropriate user experience

Cooper Perkins is a technology development firm who specializes in tackling particularly challenging engineering problems by balancing user, technical and business requirements to find viable solutions and paths forward. They turned to SevenDesign for help expressing how they felt their company and work should be represented with a comprehensive rebranding and website. Together the brand and website invite visitors to discover who Cooper Perkins is through their core principles, interdisciplinary team of experts, and stories of innovation. 

Our process began with an extensive discovery phase and a definition of their brand which served as a strong conceptual foundation for design to follow. We worked closely with the Cooper Perkins team  to understand core attributes of their agency from which we developed comprehensive positioning, values and narratives to bring their brand to life and inform our design choices.

The objectives of the website were to win the trust of their audience, demonstrate their capabilities and to create intrigue. We sought to achieve this by communicating their key brand traits of being knowledgeable, trustworthy, intrepid and principled, providing examples of their past successes and presenting content in an overall user experience that provokes curiosity, compelling visitors to initiate a conversation to learn more.

The interactions and experiences were built upon the key content strategies, illustrating core aspects of the Cooper Perkins brand beyond written and visual content. Each interaction, animation and design element is used to engage visitors and create a sense of discovery that compels them to continue along the path and contributes to building a cohesive, brand appropriate user experience. 

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