Financial Football — Teaching money management skills to students through an engaging interactive game.

Financial Football is a fast-paced, interactive game aimed at engaging students while teaching them personal finance skills. Originally created in 2006 by Practical Money Skills (Visa’s financial literacy sector) in collaboration with SevenDesign, the game has since been used in high schools throughout 45 states and promoted by NFL partners and NFL star athletes.

Prior to the 2018-2019 NFL season, Visa partnered with SevenDesign again to create an updated, cross-platform version of the game to feature higher-quality graphics, meet current browser and device standards, and improve engagement through the addition of exciting new gameplay elements.

The original game structure simply rewarded correct answers to multiple-choice questions with varying-length yard advancements according to the difficulty of the question, leading students to get bored quickly. In order to make the game more challenging and allow strategy-based play, my team added varying types of plays such as an audible and blitz, and new elements like timeouts and power-ups.

My responsibilities on the project included determining the additional gameplay features, creating detailed user flows to present concepts to stakeholders and developers, building initial clickable wireframe prototypes, and designing the interface for core screens.

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